Garden Care Team

Do you have a green thumb? Or want to learn more about the beautiful garden? Join us in growing and sustaining this beautiful garden of fruits, vegetables and flowers!

Weekly Commitments

If you are available a day a week, a few months out of the year, or sporadically, we can train you garden operations and use you as often as you can commit!

  • Drip Line Running, 1 hour in the morning year around when we have not had heavy rains
  • Weed whack and mowing the grass, 1 – 3 hours May – October
  • Cultivate the garden along with the garden managers to pick produce and flowers, 2 hours Thursday or Friday
  • Compost Turner, 2 hours year around

Monthly Commitments

Not needed as often, but still needed, monthly commitments are great if you have a day and a few hours for a specific animal job!

  • Planting days, 1-3 hours when seedlings have sprouted and are ready to go to their forever home


Want to take on a large project? We’d love for your expertise to commandeer something you’re passionate about! We are open to ideas, however here are some recommendations on needed projects:

  • Clean up the Walkways between raised beds
  • Create rows for no-till gardening
  • 4H supervisor
  • Weekly toddler activities before they start their school day