Animal Care Team

Love the chickens, ducks, geese and goats? Fantastic! You’ll love helping with our animals. Here is a list of what we need and the commitment required.

Weekly Commitments

If you are available a day a week, a few months out of the year, or sporadically, we can train you on opening an closing duties and use you as often as you can commit!

  • Opening the farm animals, 1 hour in the morning, year-around needs
  • Closing the farm animals, 1 hour in the evening, year-around needs
  • Milking the goats, 30 minutes in the morning, May – November
  • Goats Milk Products Making, anytime, May – November

Monthly Commitments

Not needed as often, but still needed, monthly commitments are great if you have a day and a few hours for a specific animal job!

  • Stall Mucking, 2-6 hours, anytime when the animals are out and about May – November
  • Chicken House Mucking, 2-4 hours, anytime the chickens are out and about May – November
  • Water/Feeder Cleaning, 1-2 hours, anytime
  • Hay Unloading, 30 minutes, once every few months when it is delivered off the barge


Want to take on a large project? We’d love for your expertise to commandeer something you’re passionate about! We are open to ideas, however here are some recommendations on needed projects:

  • Create a Duck Pond
  • Build a Hen Hatchery for our broody hens
  • Build new feeders for our goats to safely feed from
  • Plant seeds in the pastures for goat grazing