Orchard Team

Interested in learning more about fruit trees, honeybees and permaculture? Orchard team is for you!

Weekly Commitments

We are looking for volunteers to aid in monthly work to maintain these beautiful fruits and trees in the garden.

  • Orchard Manager, 2-4 hours a week, year around
  • Fertilize the trees, 1 hour year around
  • Weed whack the grass, 2-4 hours every other week from June – October
  • Cultivate produce for the farm to sell to members and visitors
  • Join our Honeybee Initiate and research grant and collect pollen samples and feed, water and inspect the bees, 2 hours a week year around


Want to take on a large project? We’d love for your expertise to commandeer something you’re passionate about! We are open to ideas, however here are some recommendations on needed projects:

  • Set up an automatic watering system
  • Create covers to protect our produce from birds and squirrels
  • Trim back trees, pull out dead ones and plant new ones